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Product Feature: Cupanion | Fill it Forward

If you are looking for product to brand with that has a good social mission, Cupanion is a great choice. As a certified B Corp, Cupanion believes in a healthy planet and clean water for all. They have created a product that makes giving water as easy as drinking water. Their hope is that every time you refill a Cupanion product, you appreciate the value of clean water and celebrate the positive impact you’re making by choosing to reuse.

This all happens with a unique quality USA made bottle and the fill it forward app. Every Cupanion product ships with a tag that connects to the Fill it Forward™ app allowing users to give clean water with each refill, track their environmental impact and stay hydrated.

Every Scan = A Cup of Clean Water Given.

When a Fill it Forward tag is scanned with the app, users help give a symbolic ‘cup of clean water’ that is equivalent to a minimum $0.02 donation from Cupanion. These individual actions add up quickly and as project milestones are achieved, Cupanion sends donations to our charitable partners who specialize in clean water initiatives.

If that wasn't reason enough, the bottle, app, and tag can all be branded. Pantone matched lids are also a possibility. Feature your branding on a Fill it Forward tag and track your organization’s collective impact. Drive engagement with a custom water project or rewards – perfect for schools, companies, and events. You can even offer points based rewards on how often and individual or team refills their bottles!

To find out more, contact us.

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