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How Promo Products Can Help Non-Profits Thrive

Feeding the homeless. Finding shelter pets homes. Natural-disaster relief. Non-profits have always been there to speak up for the voiceless and aid those in need most. Now, the tables have turned, and charities need as much support as possible after being financially wiped out due to COVID-19.

Summer fundraising events, galas, and auctions have been canceled. Non-profits are scrambling to minimize financial losses by organizing virtual events, trying to engage supporters during a social distancing era.

Donations are the oxygen that keeps charities alive. But, during such unprecedented times, people are not donating money, especially since many have lost their jobs or preoccupied with the safety of their families.

Now, charities must adjust to the situation and develop creative ways to reach communities – one way to do that is with promotional products.

A Look at What the Top Non-Profits Are Doing

Some of the top-dog non-profits are now catering more to the situation our country is facing currently. Several of Feeding America’s food banks are partnering with school districts to offer meals to children and families since schools are closed. Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based international disaster relief agency, has delivered thousands of masks, gloves, and gowns to organizations in the city.

Here is how some of the largest charities are using promotional products currently:


A branded handwashing station in South Sudan.


Furry-friends repping the non-profit with bandanas.

Red Cross

Fleece blankets to comfort donors as they give blood.


Tote bags used for groceries and prescription drop off for senior citizens.

A Spark of Inspiration: Promo Product Ideas for Non-Profits

Charities are now shifting focus and trying to think of new, creative ways to build trust with communities and establish a presence – a reminder that these organizations are still elbow-deep, working tirelessly to help others. And distributorships are trying to help with this mission too, encouraging charities (aka clients) to use promotional products as a marketing tactic to help gain traction.

Promo products can help charities thrive in a number of ways:

  • Send exclusive products to loyal donors as a thank you.

  • For volunteers working on the frontline, provide t-shirts, ballcaps, and beyond to enhance brand visibility.

  • Show appreciation by gifting volunteers promotional items.

Although non-profits throughout the world have financially suffered due to COVID-19, the services they provide to others is imperative. Now, more than ever, charities need to come up with creative, non-intrusive ways to reach out to donors – promotional products are an answer!

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