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Engage Employees with a Swag Pack

Swag packs are a great way to connect your brand with new and existing employees. It will also give a feeling of belonging and appreciation. Handing an existing employee a swag pack is a great way to keep moral up and retention rates. A reputation can even be built on a good swag pack that will peak the interests of new talent. They have become an important part of the on-boarding process and it should be given careful consideration.

Swag packs are also a great way to show the company culture. Conservative products show a conservative culture, like cross pens, leather bound journals, oxford shirts, and a laptop bag. Items like custom socks, t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles and backpacks will show a different corporate culture.

"A study from the Harvard Business Review shows that as companies shift resources towards their employer brand, the responsibility is also shifting from HR teams to the CEO and/or marketing.

Employee retention and engagement is a full-team effort, and your company can’t afford for your marketing team not to be involved in the on-boarding process. If there’s any place where on-boarding and marketing collide, it’s the new employee on-boarding kit." - Will Harris, Impact

A good promotional company can guide in the swag pack process. All of the resources are available, from product choices, decoration and automation, a distributor can handle it all. If you need help will creating or refreshing a dynamic swag pack or already know what you are looking for, reach out and see how we can handle the process for you and create a buzz in your organization.

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